Thursday, August 1, 2013

On Assimilating in Argentina, Point 003

Point 003. Ignoring los piropos.
el piropo
: a flirtatious comment; an amorous compliment (word

But let's be honest. En realidad, a piropo has less the effect of a compliment and more the effect of what we name a catcall.

Los piropos are very common in Buenos Aires, something to be expected, part of the culture. Kind-of in the way women expect similar attention from Italian men when in Italy. (And go figure, since Italian culture has seeped into Buenos Aires as well).

The task for this Midwestern girl is either:
a) Accept them gracefully, with a smile or a "gracias" - or -
b) Ignore them and keep walking.

So far, Option B has served me well. It also seems to be the option most BA natives choose.

Here's to becoming more Argentinian every day!


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